Baby Shower Tips By Creative Converting


Entertaining for any event is always easier if it's centered around a theme. A theme helps provide focus when it comes to decorating, games, food, and perhaps even the location. Think about your special guest, her age, her interests, and even the baby's room decor to select the theme that's best for your event. You may also want to discuss this with the guest of honor as well to make sure your theme selection best reflects her personal style and tastes.

Make your shower theme and event memorable! Carry the theme throughout the entire event. Start with the invitations, and then think about how to apply the theme to decorations, food, and favours.

Party Plans

What can be more joyous than celebrating the birth of a baby! If you are the shower host, you have a lot to think about, everythng from the theme of the party, number of guests, whether to include spouses, location, and of course, the food. It's always a good idea to check with the guest of honor first to make sure that you're carrying out any special wishes.

Remember to allow yourself plenty of time to plan the shower to avoid being rushed. If you can pin down the specifics 6-8 weeks prior to the shower, you'll be on track to create an event your guest of honor will long remember. Then, it's a good idea to schedule your shower at least 4 - 6 weeks prior to the expected delivery. This way you avoid any conflicts with early unexpected baby deliveries, and hopefully the mom still has plenty of energy to enjoy the party.

Set a budget. Before you make any purchases or deposits, put together a list of all your expenses by item. If the total expenses are more than your budget, think of how you can creatively reduce your expenses by trimming some of the less important items. If necessary you may also need to trim your guest list.

Deliver or mail your invitations at least 3-4 weeks in advance so that your guests can respond and plan accordingly. Include any specific information that will be helpful to the guest, including the shower theme. Include registry information on a separate attachment inside the invitation, or make this information available to guests as they rsvp.


The length of your shower will vary depending on the number of guests, the type of shower, the type of food served, and the activities that are scheduled during the event. Think about the events for your shower, and allocate time appropriately. Two to three hours should be enough for introductions, a few games, opening gifts, and eating.


It's tempting to not want to leave anyone out when planning a shower. Be sure to consult with the guest of honor, friends, and family to make sure the guest list is complete.

Couples showers are growing in popularity. Be sure to give your mom-to-be the option of a girls only or couples shower prior to developing the guest list.


The theme of your shower will provide the overall direction for the decorations you use. Creative Expressions party goods for baby showers include Jointed Banners, Giant Party Banners, Flag Banners, Hanging Cutouts, Centerpieces, Party Garland, Metallic Balloons, and other coordinating accessories.

Be creative! Think of ways to apply the shower theme in fun ways your guests will enjoy. For example, if you are using a teddy bear theme, you may want to have stuffed teddy bears as centerpieces that the expectant mother can take home with her. If your theme is rubber ducks, provide each guest with a rubber duck inflatable as a favor. If your theme is baby clothes, hang a clothesline and attach cute baby items or clothes that the new mom can take home after the party. Think of creative ways to incorporate expectant mother's due date into the decor with signage, plastic or foam toy numbers, candles or number confetti.

If your party is at home, don't forget to decorate the outside of your house with coordinating decorations and balloons! This will help set the mood for the party and direct guests to the correct address.

Remember the mother-to-be in a special way with flowers or a corsage. She'll appreciate you taking this extra step to make her day special.

Games can be a terrific way to involve all of your guests, especially if they may not know each other. The types of games and number of games will be somewhat dependent on your guest list. Plan on 2 - 4 games depending on the size of your group. If you're having a couples shower, you may want to eliminate the games altogether, focus more on the menu and guest interactions, and of course involve both the mother and the father in the opening of gifts.

Creative Expressions baby shower patterns include a variety of games that can be used at the shower. These include Baby Gift Bingo, and a Game Kit and Gamebook that each include a variety of games.

Other Ideas

If you are having a couples shower, remember to make it "guy approved". As you plan the events, think about how this might affect your selections for the theme, the decorations, the colors, and the games (or lack of games). Overall, think about how to tone down the "adorable" factor and play up the interaction among guests.

Record all of the party memories in the Keepsake Registry from Creative Expressions. The Registry includes space for recording guests and gifts, and also areas for saving photos.

Create a memory book or box of the event. Take lots of photos, everything from the guests, to the food, to the games, and the gifts. Make special note of the current events of the day. Include a few small decorations or momentos.

Your guest of honor will welcome some help with the thank you notes. When you purchase the invitations, also purchase coordinating thank you notes. As your guests arrive, have each guest write her address on the front of the envelope. This will be a welcome time saver as the due date approaches.

The mother-to-be will welcome motherhood advice from your guests. Check out Creative Expressions Advice Books when purchasing your party goods. Or if you want to be creative, pass out cards and have your guests write down their ideas on everything from feedings, to naptime, to bedtime. Provide a list of topics to get your guests started. Gather the cards and create a book to present to the new mom.

Include your guests in a group photo. Make duplicate copies of the photo, and give to the guest of honor to include as a momento in her thank you notes. Your guests will appreciate the thoughtfulness, and treasure the memory for years to come!

Party Wearables

If you decide to go with a nontraditional shower theme, consider getting everyone in the mood by having them dress for the party. For example, what's a luau shower without hula skirts and leis? Be sure to include any specific information on the invitation, and always have a few extra things on hand for any guests that may forget.


Depending on the size of your guest list, the favors can be as simple or as elaborate as you want to make them. Depending on your centerpiece(s), these could also be used as favors. Candy, soap, candles, magnets, mini frames, small potted flowers are all possibilities.

Personalization is hot! If you'd like to do something more personal for favors, consider homemade gifts or treats, or check out the internet for simple favor options that can be personalized with your special guest's name and date of the shower.


If you decide to play games at your shower, make sure to have prizes on hand for the winners. These can be as simple as candy and other simple food treats, or simple little toy prizes that may reinforce the shower theme.


The type of food you serve will be dependent on several factors, including the location, the size of the group, and the time of day. Taking all these things into consideration, as well as your budget, you may opt for a luncheon, appetizers, or a light buffet dinner. Whatever you choose, take the extra step to coordinate the food to the theme of the party. Your guests will be impressed, and you will make the event even more memorable for the mother to be!

When preparing your menu, consider foods that you have made previously, that are easy to prepare, or that can be made ahead of time and frozen. Now is not the time to experiment, unless you have time to prepare ahead of time as a test. The party will be much more enjoyable for you as the host if you are mingling with the guests rather than hanging out alone in the kitchen!

Don't Forget

The cake!

Think about all of the little things you might need during the shower and have these ready prior to guests arriving. If you're playing games you may need props, paper and pencils. Be prepared to record gifts as they are opened.

If the shower is in your home, plan ahead for the entertaining items you'll need during the party. This includes chairs, serving dishes, extra tables, ice, candles, etc. If your shower will be outside of the home, make reservations in advance for the size of your group, and confirm a week before the shower.

Music is a nice touch! Make sure to have a nice selection on hand if it's appropriate for the type of shower you're hosting.

Depending on your group, you might find nametags and/or placecards to be beneficial. Creative Expressions offers a variety of Nametags that coordinate with the tableware patterns, as well as Placecards in a variety of styles and colors.

Be prepared to handle the gift wrappings with plenty of large trash bags on hand. Also be ready to help the guest of honor pack up the gifts and/or transport to her home. She will appreciate this extra effort.


No matter how much you plan, be sure to expect the unexpected, both good and bad. Be prepared with a good attitude and a camera!