Baby Shower Themes

There are no 'rules' for what constitutes a baby shower, but there are some traditional activities and baby shower decorations and ideas that are common at baby showers. Traditionally, the shower is given by someone else, usually, the mother's maid of honour or bridesmaids at her wedding hosts this final event into motherhood. There can coordinated favours, baby shower decoration ideas, gifts, and games and invitations are sent out, by the organizers, on behalf of the Mother/Parents, which is just like at a traditional bridal shower. Because a baby shower focuses on gift-giving, it is generally arranged by a close friend. There is no set rule for baby shower ideas, decorations, when or where showers are to be held, and the party can be held at a variety of places and at various times. It is common for the host to provide baby-themed game ideas and baby shower decorations during the shower and it is common to give party favours or small gifts for the baby shower guests. Typically, newborn-related gifts are given to the new mother-to-be. Anything from diapers, bottles, rags, clothes and toys are common gifts